Why Do People Get Married? The Top Ten Reasons

Why Do People Get Married

Years ago, marriage was an expectation. You couldn’t share a bed, sleep together, or get intimate until you were tied in holy matrimony. It was a great institution and the pillar of modern society. With times and attitudes changing, we examine why people nowadays avoid marriage and answer your question, “Should I get married?”

Reasons why they avoid marriage

Companionship and togetherness

If you don’t marry your ‘one,’ will they seek more? Being closed to the idea of marriage often leads to different paths. Wanting a lifelong companion, a best friend, partner, and soul mate to share things with is a big motivation for marriage. You have chosen a person to spend the rest of your life with and the next step in your relationship.

life together

Building a life together

Having the same goals, dreams, ambitions, and wanting to build a life together is a strong reason when considering ‘why should I get married?’

Buying a dream home, converting a property, enjoying holidays, and having a family are part of the plan. As a team, you can conquer more together in your relationship.

Commitment to one person

Marriage signifies a commitment to one person and the next stage in a relationship. Making that person the center of your universe and telling the world. You are making sure that they aren’t snapped up by someone else and announcing your intentions to this person.

Tax reasons

There are tax benefits to being married. View it as a benefit and not a motivation to get hitched. Practicality does not outweigh love and is no reason to change your relationship status.

Financial security

Being part of a team with two salaries and a head full of dreams is more achievable. Marriage offers financial security to both parties. Together you can achieve more and create different layers to the relationship.

Having children

Many people in a happy relationship have children without being married. Marriage offers a secure environment and means the mother has the same name. It’s viewed as a more confident unit when wed.

Religious belief

If you are religious or from a particular culture, marriage is an expectation and living together as an unmarried couple may go against these beliefs. A relationship in some cultures is arranged and forced by peer pressure.

You find the prospect of marriage exciting

marry me

Perhaps you’ve dreamt of getting married since you were a little girl or boy and now you can fulfil that dream by marrying the girl or boy of your dreams.

The Big Day

Women have a dream of being a princess on their wedding day surrounded by friends and family. A day all about them. The fairy-tale ending with a dress, cake, church, flowers, their Prince Charming and a day to remember forever.

More likely to tough out the bad times

More likely to tough out the bad times

Being married means you’re more likely to tough at the bad times. It’s not all roses and can be difficult. As you both change, adapt and grow, you do it together, even if not on the same page all the time. Harder to walk away from a marriage than a relationship.

Let’s exam reasons why they avoid marriage

While there are copious reasons for getting married, there are reasons for marriage in Australia and taking the next step in a relationship is not for some:

1) Property/asset ownership

Sounds sad, but people who are looking at getting married later in life have built up their own assets and perhaps feel that by making that commitment, they have to share those assets with another. A cold reason for not getting married but you’d be surprised at the motivation of some.

2) If it ain’t broke why fix it

Those who are in a happy relationship may contemplate why getting married when everything is fine as it is. Why change a situation that works perfectly as it is? Does getting hitched put co-habiting happily in a relationship at risk?

3) Fear of divorce

Why get married to get divorced? We’ve all seen it – our parents, close friends, relatives, and colleagues. We all know someone who has been through a divorce. Not a situation we want to find ourselves in and a deterrent when in a comfortable relationship that works.

Eventually, we all have our own reasons, so there’s no single solution or purpose for everyone. Got any thoughts on this issue? Feel free to share the article and start a discussion!