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  • Members: 5 million+ users
  • Best for: Men and women are looking for casual dating
  • User Base: Men and women of all ages and types
  • Recommended age: Above 25 years
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What Is Whatsyourprice? Overview

Pros / Cons
  • Dating profiles are as detailed as possible
  • Some incentives are available
  • You don’t need to have an active subscription
  • The registration process is very easy and free
  • The dating site is very safe due to its privacy and security policy
  • This is not a site for individuals looking for serious relationships

Membership Base

Whatsyourprice Australia has a wide membership base made up of more than 5 million users and more women than men. The dating site comprises mostly college female students around 35% of the total members, which make the ideal singles for men to bid on. From the statistics and user feedback, women are more likely to get bids compared to men. With more than 15,000 weekly visitors and new accounts, this is one of the most used dating sites to look for casual dates and guarantee you the ideal results.


Profiles whatsyourprice

Registration to whatsyourprice dating site review is quite easy and straightforward. You need to provide personal details about your gender, the purpose you have on the site, and other details to access the numerous profiles. After being granted access to the dating site, you will be prompted to verify the email address. Other details you need to update on your profile are; ethnicity, location, physical characteristics, education details, income, body type, among other personal specifics.

The display of personal profiles is simple and easy to read as all the details are presented to all the members who come across your profile. The advantage of this is that you can view all user details and determine the specific fit.

Search Features on Whatsyourprice

Whatsyourprice search option is available to help you connect with as many desired users as possible. Therefore, you get to search for users based on their gender, preferences, bidding value, location, and age. The search option is open to both women and men, but men are involved in searching for women in most cases. Once a user likes your profile, you can see exactly who and can choose to shoot your shot at them.


Messaging is one of the most important parts of online dating. On Whatsyourprice, you can reach out to an individual and begin messaging right away once they accept the offer. However, this feature is available to you when you have a filled profile and upload your picture. When it comes to how messages appear to the users, an inbox shows the messages received and the requests made. However, to grab an individual’s attention, you can go ahead to send winks, suggest your interest, and prose go on a date.

In most cases, ladies are usually the most users available for bidding since they earn from being taken to dates. On the other hand, men do not receive that very many messages, and this app is highly reliant on how beautiful or handsome one is to score a date.

Whatsyourprice Pricing for Premium Membership

Pricing on Whatsyourprice Australia is usually in terms of credits which you buy for a given price. Their prices are as follows:


Costs per credit


100 credits



450 credits



1,000 credits



Free Vs. Premium Membership Packages

Most of the most important features can be accessed through free membership but lack one important thing: messaging. Therefore, for a free account, you will enjoy the creation of a free profile as well as the verification process, sending winks to the other users, browsing, and viewing other people’s profiles on the dating site. On the other hand, the premium membership includes making bids on the singles and sending messages. Therefore, for the free app, you don’t get the messaging feature which is critical.

Looking at the two options, premium membership is preferred because it enables you to buy credits, bid on the available singles, send direct messages, and chat with multiple users and take girls and women out on dates.

Whatsyourprice App Features

Currently, Whatsyourprice is not available on mobile-based platforms. Therefore the users on the site rely on the web platform. Even though you can open the site on your mobile browser, it works best when you access it through Mozilla Firefox, opera mini, and chrome.


Whatsyourprice is a dating sites in the dating scenes that is vastly dynamic for male and female users. Even though women may have free access to the dating site advantageous to them, some issues are still not desirable for men. First, men need to pay for everything on the site. Men need to buy the credits, bid on the women with prices, and cater to the date expenses. This is a huge price to pay to get laid at the end of the day, which you can get from other dating sites purely for casual dating.

Additionally, to unlock messaging, you need to make payments, and you only chat with someone who accepts your offer. Therefore, when deciding for men to join this dating site, it is up to you to decide whether you are willing to pay for these services or seek the service somewhere else. Another drawback about the site is the fact that there is no active mobile-based application. The development of a smartphone application would be the best solution for flexible individuals either traveling or who don’t use computers and laptops. For men willing to spend a huge amount to get women, you can try the dating site, although you may not get the intended value for your money.


Is Whatsyourprice a legitimate website?

Yes. This is a legitimate website with several singles, mostly ladies, looking for other singles for casual dating and hookups.

Is Whatsyourprice free to use?

No. The site is not entirely free to use since the men have to make subscriptions to access some of the features, such as messaging. Additionally, men cater to the dates and bid on the women on the site, which is an additional cost.

Is Whatsyourprice any good?

Whatsyourprice has some good bits of itself and some negative issues which may outweigh the positives. It is a good site to look for single women for one-night stands and casual hookups. However, it becomes very expensive for men with the numerous costs one has to incur to score a date with a hot lady.


From 67.05 AUD p/month