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  • Members: 120 millions users
  • Best for: The platform was initially created for teenagers
  • User Base: 17% men and 83% women over 18 years old
  • Recommended age: 18+ years
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On this Tagged analysis, we will enlighten you on the significance of this site, the features available, how much it cost, who uses it, among others. Though the site’s interface is not so appealing so far, we will try and look into details whether the site is legit or not and if or not there are scammers and fakes, and worth trying.

What is Tagged? Overview

The site falls in the sugar daddy dating sites category though it is free to register and allows its members to meet and interact with new individuals online. It is a platform that is easy to maneuver that allows you to find a partner with whom you share the same interest within your area and any region you would like.

Tagged dating platforms also comprise a “games” feature where members can play online games and meet new people. The platform was initially created for teenagers under the age of 18 years, but analysis ed it ago rules where people over 18 years can register and have fun.

As per our analysis, this social platform is rapidly expanding, and people can find dates and hookups. The site users can browse other members’ profiles and exchange tags and other online gifts. The site has some amazing features which allow users to connect and interact effortlessly.

Pros / Cons
  • It’s free to sign up and chat with other users
  • It’s easy to interact with other members
  • It is free to livestream
  • Users can start their broadcasts
  • Lots of spam messages
  • A very average website design
  • Free subscribers get too many ads
  • The app function is completely different from that of desktop

Membership Base

Our reviews show that overall members: 120,000.000 from Australia

Active Constant members on Tagged are: 172,000 daily users

Gender ratio: 17% men and 83% women

Areas available: Huge number of users on the site include: African-Americans, followed by Caucasians and Hispanics. The majority of the users come from the U.S and Australia though anyone from any corner of the world can access the site.

Relationship type: Heterosexuals/straight

Languages: Some of the languages that the Tagged Australia dating site supports include; English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Malay, and German.


Profiles Tagged

Tagged dating platform is a social platform to meet new people, create new friendships, and find online dates. This website is perfect for people who like online sites since it enables them to have a huge viewing area to look for on the site.

The platform is also convenient for huge viewing of profiles and support other features apart from living events. While conducting our Tagged dating site review, we found out that the dating site has emulated other outperforming sites and is competing with most of them, which is not anything bad at all. Other sites support the live feature, which is crucial, and Tagged don’t have it yet.

Additionally, this site gives its users a chance to play games suitably. Onsite, Tagged users can design their profiles creatively, which enables them to post their biography and preferences. Members can also post their status, updates, upload photos, and send and receive texts easily.

Users of this platform can also receive notifications from Winks, Luv, and Meet other members using the ‘receive me’ feature.

Search Feature on Tagged

Search Feature on Tagged

Tagged dating site has “Browse” search feature just like any other site.

After you click on browse, the site will show some profiles which it assumes you may like.

You may continue and click on the filter icon at the bottom of the site and describe your preferences by age, gender, location, county, and proximity according to your location.

The advanced search is nothing close to advanced! It only enables you to choose the ethnicity and relationship status of the members you’re looking for.

After you’re through with creating your favorites, you can begin browsing user profiles. You’re free to send friend requests and also message the profiles you admire.

Therefore, the “Browse” feature is the clearest one, and it will provide you with an opportunity to get a date.


Tagged just copied other site features of “Swipe.” This feature allows you to like or skip a person’s profile, or you can even super like them.

Just like any other dating site, you have one super-like in 12 hours. It also has the common reverse button for premium users.

Our analysis shows that premium users can also see who liked them. You can also see other member’s profiles and friend request them, and once they accept, you can proceed and message them and jump the swiping section in general.

Are Tagged Pricing Cheap or Expensive?

Duration / Credits/ Coins Costs Total


1 Month 9.99 USD / Month 9.99 USD

3 Months 6.99 USD / Month 20.97 USD

6 Months 4.99 USD / Month 29.94 USD


2,500 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 5.00 USD

10,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 10.00 USD

25,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 20.00 USD

75,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 50.00 USD

200,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 100.00 USD

400, 000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 200.00 USD

What are Some Free and Premium Features?

Free Services

  • Send messages
  • Like and comment on posts
  • Find matches in Meet me
  • Create Profile
  • Browse profiles
  • Play pets


  • Read receipts
  • Prioritized email support
  • Access popular people
  • Who viewed my profile
  • “Likes you list”
  • Reach new users

Does Tagged Have a Working App?

The site has a mobile app that’s completely different from the desktop version though it’s accessible to both Android and IOS users. The app resembles other dating apps in features like design, functionality and layout.


If you read online comments and what we discovered during our analysis, you’ll notice that the site is striving to survive during this Facebook period. The same way a couple of other dating sites never managed to survive during this era, the site may soon follow suit.

We realized that other social sites and Facebook are not reasons why this site is not performing well during the survey. Its main reason for failure is itself! The site began as a self-discovery site for teenagers then attempted to try real online dating.

The conversion wasn’t properly conducted. The site is a confusing mixture of dating sites with young members and fun platforms while mature users seek love. The customer care team is below average, whereas the standard and premium subscriptions only provide some ineffective features for dating. For real dating, this is not the best website!


Is Tagged a legitimate website?

The Tagged Australia dating platform is not fake, but due to more than 300 million users, the site has quite a good number of scammers. You, therefore, ought to be cautious not to fall victim of any scrupulous users.

Is Tagged free to use?

Not so many features on Tagged are free in comparison to other sites. Premium package allows you to interact more with other users. Thus it’s always the best decision to improve how much you interact with other users.

Is Tagged any good?

From our review, the site is believed to have more than 300 million users making it a good site though it is not as unique compared to other sites with better features. It is, therefore, not a bad site to place your bet on dating!

Conclusion: I believe you now understand everything you need to know about Tagged before you try it yourself. With all the features, including pros and cons, we believe you will make an informative decision!


From 13.40 AUD p/month