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  • Members: 16 million+ members
  • Best for: Men and women are looking for other singles for swinging
  • User Base: Women and men of all ages and all types
  • Recommended age: 25+ years
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What Is Swinglifestyle? Overview

Pros / Cons
  • hen you search compatible profiles, you will get as many details as possible from the suggested members, which means that it is easy to get compatible matches
  • The premium version of the application offers great features which are worth paying for
  • Compared to the other senior dating sites over 50, the prices for the premium membership are very low with the provision of many features
  • The dating website is very easy to use and simple to understand regardless of age
  • There is an option of events where Swinglifestyle organizes events for the members, which can be a good time for socializing
  • The dating site does not offer audio and video chatting, which you need to do offline
  • You can’t be refunded for your membership in case you decide to quit
  • Some pictures are not clear as they have shaded faces and can be a deal-breaker for a person interested in looks

Membership Base

Swinglifestyle Australia has more than 16 million users globally and records more than 5 million visits monthly. Even though male users dominate the dating site, couples are allowed very active dating sites for threesomes, orgies, and partner swapping.

Therefore, apart from having a large user base, the individuals registered on the dating site are very active in chatting, flirting, and organizing events. Therefore, this is one of the easiest sites to get laid since, at any given moment, there are more than 5,000 online members and more than 300 open chat rooms. Additionally, because it is purposely for sex, younger singles and couples always look for members who are interested in sexual encounters openly and straightforwardly.


Profiles swinglife

If you are 18 years of age and above, it is completely free and easy to set up a dating profile at Swinglifestyle. You need to fill up your username, which has not been used by any other user on the site yet, indicate your email address, add some basic data, and you are ready to begin looking for swinging singles. It’s not a must to upload a profile picture, and swingers can be a couple or an individual.

Apart from using the official site, registration can be done on the other site, “sls.com” Upon requesting to register for free, you will be redirected back to the original website. Therefore, signing up is not in any way complicated and takes a little of your time. After registration, you can begin sending messages, requests and organizing one-night stands right away.

Search Features on Swinglifestyle

After signing up, you can search to ascertain your matches based on your preferences and location. The search options on Swinglifestyle allow you to filter the profiles on the site using their sexual interest, age, gender, and location. This feature is usually available for free membership as well as a premium membership. Through this, you can filter what you need in a person, weigh several options suggested by the site, and chat. Most of the singles on the site look for sexual experiences to chat with any random single.


Free members using the site receive messages through pop-ups. However, if your account is not upgraded to the premium membership, you can only view and reply to the last message you receive. The premium members get the IM feature, allowing them to open the entire conversation and see all the messages.

For free users, it is limiting, and it can appear as if you are ignoring someone’s messages. The best thing would be upgrading to premium, which makes singles and couples view you as a serious individual on the site.

Since the site comprises couples and singles ready for swinging, threesome’s orgies, and other casual experiences, it makes one confident to send a message, flirt, and shoot their shot.

Swinglifestyle Pricing Options

Even though some features on the dating site may be free, there are services and features you need to pay for with the following price options;


Costs per month


1 month



3 months



6 months



12 months



Free Vs. Premium Membership

For the free services in Swinglifestyle, you get to engage in forums, undergo the entire registration process, view and search all the user profiles, do a group chat ad also block members you are not interested in. on the other hand, the premium membership offers several features which are; approval of new members, upload and viewing of nude pictures, uploading of private pictures and viewing all conversations among other features.

Based on the features which come with the premium membership, it is worth upgrading to the premium membership option to enjoy the functionalities and features.

Is There A Swinglifestyle App?

Swinglifestyle Australia has both the website layout used by members using computers and laptops and the mobile version of an application with one of the ideal user interfaces. The mobile application is available on the iOS app store and the android google play and is suitable for all iOS smartphones and android phones. It makes the ideal service to help you be always connected to the swingers no matter where you are.


Even though the dating site connects millions of users worldwide and has several available features, some drawbacks may affect the members and undesirable features. First, with many people, there are numerous scammers and fake profiles of either man masquerading as women or vice versa. Therefore, sharing personal information on the dating site with any user is not advised. Additionally, the inability to see blurred profile pictures or failure to display a picture at all is a deal-breaker for many because when it comes to casual hookups, all singles and couples are looking for is a beautiful or handsome single. Therefore, the inability to view the pictures may make users dissatisfied with the service. However, if you are willing to overlook these negatives, you can sign up to experience the dating site.


Is Swinglifestyle a legitimate website?

Yes. Swinglifestyle is a legitimate dating website with many users in the UK, US, Australia, and other parts of the world.

Is Swinglifestyle free to use?

No. It is not entirely free to use as you have to join the premium membership to access more features.

Is Swinglifestyle any good?

Yes. It is fully functional and can get singles and couples hooked up quickly.


From 20 AUD p/month