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  • Members: 5,500 000 from all over the world
  • User base: Most users are between 25-34 years old.
  • Best for: People, who want to find friendships, relationships, and networking circles based on their location
  • Recommended age: 25-34
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Skout is a dating site that helps users find friendships, relationships, and networking circles based on their location.

What is Skout? Overview?

Skout is one of the best young adult dating sites comprising about 10 million users worldwide and has one million messages sent daily. The young adult dating sites have plenty of activities for its users. The site uses GPS to track users within the same location and matches them. The site has a couple of good stories and a good number of bad ones as well.

To register on this dating platform, you should provide information about yourself such as; your name, age, sex, description of what you like to do when you’re free, and upload a photo of yourself.

The site has had 5.5 since its inception in 2009. The majority of its users are below the age of 25, mainly from Australia and The U.S.

Pros / Cons
  • Creating an account on Skout is very fast and effortless
  • It is a great website to form new friendships and find a partner to hook up
  • Basic users can enjoy many features without having to upgrade on membership
  • The site has many underage users because there is no verifying user information
  • There’s a huge number of fakes because email verification is issued randomly
  • Free membership has irritating pop-up files with unpleasant and annoying ads

Membership Base

Registered members on Skout are: 5,500 000 from all over the world, and a good number are users from Skout Australia.

Activity: Daily login visitors are about 130,000 persons.

Gender Proportion: The ratio of men to women on this dating platform is 65% men and 35%. Men are more than women.

Gender Split: Most users are between 25-34 years old.

Areas and languages: Skout users come from all over the world though most users are from Australia. Other countries include the United States and Taiwan.

The majority of members registered are seeking friendship, community building, and relationships. You can even find 13-years-olds on this site.


Profiles skout

According to our skout dating site review, member profiles consist of name, age, and email address. Other fields are available but optional, and the profile picture is not necessary. Members can edit their profile as they continue using the service, confusing if they meet up with someone they have little information about.

Administrators have to approve the photos before they can be uploaded. If a profile photo does not meet the site’s guidelines, the site can disagree with uploading it.

Most users do not have real names. They can decide to use their first names only or choose a nickname.

Search Features on Skout

Search Features on Skout

The objective of every platform is to create a chance for members to find a partner they desire. This Skout Australia dating site has the same goal. It enables its members to find romantic dates or hookups through manual search or by implementing the ‘Meet People,’ a feature that renders matches depending on location and likes. After you find that special person, begin chatting by clicking the green chat box located on their profiles.


Skout messaging is available to all users through free search selection. Once a member sends you a message, it first becomes a message request. After accepting the request, you can begin to chat immediately. If you reject it, the message is deleted, and the user also gets to be blocked because of your safety. If you reject the message by accident, you can head to the “Blocked Users” section and unblock the member and proceed to chat.

Our review shows that the site has a dating game called “Blind Date.” It allows an online member an opportunity to hear the “contestant” though they can’t see them. As the video chat continues, the images show more and more before it is entirely revealed at the finish of the allocated time.

Both users get to decide whether they want to make a match or not and privately proceed with the conversation.

How Much Does Skout Prices Range From?

This site prices are as below:

Duration /Credits/ Coins Costs Total

Skout Premium

1Month 9.99 USD/Month 9.99 USD

Skout Points

500 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 4.99 USD

1,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 7.99 USD

1,200 Credits 0.01 USD / Credits 9.99 USD

2,500 Credits 0.01 USD / Credits 16.99 USD

8,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credits 49.99 USD

18,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credits 99.99 USD

What is the Difference Between Free Vs Premium Membership?

  • Free Services Include:
  • Free account registration
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Like and comment on other members’ public photos
  • Like members
  • Send members messages

Premium Membership

  • No ads on this dating site
  • Improve your popularity
  • Receive messages direct to your inbox
  • See who liked you
  • View potential matches
  • Your chats get at the top of your matches inbox

Does Skout Have an App

Both Android and Apple users can use the Skout app. However, the user interface can be confusing to both new and regular users. This is because it has many features plus the many advertisements that come with the free version. The app does not function so well as it matches people with different preferences such as location. The app can also bring suggestions to install other apps. Yet, it is the option for accessing the site using your smartphone.


Our dating site review showed that the dating site has a few users, with the majority being fake members even though the site has a huge member base. This may limit what you are looking for on the site, even with a detailed profile.

Therefore, you need to be careful with who you interact with on this site and verify each profile keenly before making any important decision. Also, avoid sharing personal information with members for security purposes.

The dating site demands a subscription fee for members to access better features though it seems like a money-laundering game where you pay for unavailable services. Thus, you should try the free version first and see how it works before upgrading as a premium member.


Is Skout a legitimate website?

This is a question that most users ask anytime they open an online dating site. Skout may seem like a legitimate site, but it is hard to get real dates once you’ve registered with the site. Most of the profiles are fake, and finding real matches may be a challenge.

Is Skout free to use?

We did a review and found out that the dating site is free for everyone to use. It has a cheap premium membership, and anyone can afford to pay. The site is a good return on investment if used correctly.

Is Skout any Good?

Skout has many features, some of which are confusing to users. You may not be sure what you’re looking for when using the site, though, at times, you’ll find ideal matches. Even though it’s titled a dating platform, it is common for people looking for something not romantic.

From 13.37 AUD p/month