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  • Members: 14, 000 members from Australia, and 1.4 million members worldwide.
  • User base: Men and women of all ages
  • Best for: Men and women looking for partners to flirt with
  • Recommended age: Over 25
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The name of this dating site gives it all. It is the website where you can start your relationship by flirting with the members. Besides, QuickFlirt has a large user base, increasing your chances of meeting your match.

The profiles on this site are kept at a bare minimum. The admins regulate the photos. You can have a lot of fun at QuickFlirt through the site’s various ways of flirting with members, such as sending a wink. With over 1.4 million members across the world, you won’t miss a person to flirt with.

Read this review and find out if it suits your needs. We are going to tell you about the pros and cons, member user base, profile quality, messaging, and what it will cost you to upgrade your account.

What Is QuickFlirt? Overview

Pros / Cons
  • Large and active user base
  • Multiple communication and discovery options on QuickFlirt
  • Ticker-style notifications
  • App freezes
  • Many features are only available to premium members

Membership Base

Most members at QuickFlirt are men — almost 70 percent. Therefore, women joining this dating site have a huge advantage — they’ll be in high demand. Most of the women on this service seek something more profound, not mere hookups or casual encounters.

A majority of the members are between 25 and 35 years of age. Although designed for flirting and other interactions, there are still some members who use the website for seeking casual encounters, while some use it to find partners for serious long-term relationships.

The website is frequented by visitors from English-speaking countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Join the website to flirt with over 1.4 million members across the world.


New members registering for an account with QuickFlirt are not compelled to complete their profile. Although this makes it a quick and easy process, it limits the dating website’s profile quality.

quickflirt profile

It is mandatory to upload a photo when signing up. You will not be able to add someone or wink without a photo.

Search Features on QuickFlirt

The basic search at QuickFlirt only gives you five options to do your search. The basic search feature is located at the center and top of user’s dashboard. Click the ‘more’ button to populate your search with 30 additional search parameters. The advanced search which gives you access to these extra parameters is available to both standard and premium QuickFlirt members.

Some of the criteria you can apply in the advanced search filters include searching for people based on their income level. For example, clicking the ‘Well Paid’ option below the income category gives you access to high-income people. Similarly, you can use the Body Type category to find people based on their body size.

quickflirt search features


Members can initiate contact at QuickFlirt by sending a wink or sending a message. Sending a wink is definitely a flirtatious move that is used to express interest. Once you’ve done a search and get the desired results, you can wink at a member you like by clicking the eye icon. The wink feature is available to all members — including standard or free account holders.

Members who want to express themselves fully will have to pay QuickFlirt to upgrade their account. An upgraded account allows you to send messages to members. Standard members can only send five messages to five different members per day. QuickFlirt premium members can send unlimited messages, in addition to the ability to send videos, voice messages, and photos.

QuickFlirt Pricing

This QuickFlirt review now lets you know what it will cost you to upgrade your QuickFlirt account and get full access to all the features. The 1 month subscription costs 48.30 AUD. A 3 months subscription costs 96.30 AUD or an equivalent of 32.10 AUD per month. The 6 month subscription costs 136.80 AUD or 22.80 AUD per month.



Per month

1 month

48.30 AUD

48.30 AUD

3 months

96.30 AUD

32.10 AUD

6 months

136.80 AUD

22.80 AUD

Free VS Premium

Free services:

  • Viewing profiles
  • Creating an account and profile
  • Sending winks to select members
  • Adding users to ‘Favorites’
  • Using extensive search bar

Premium services:

  • Access to new features
  • Premium support
  • Full access to messaging
  • Share videos and photos in chats
  • View videos and photos in profiles

As shown above, QuickFlirt is one of the few dating sites where you can access meaningful features on a standard account. For example, you can conduct an extensive search on the free account. However, paying and upgrading your account gives you an edge over free users. You can only fully explore the communications channels, including sharing videos and photos, if you are a premium member.

QuickFlirt App

Our research for this review included trying to find a mobile app for this website, and we were disappointed to find out that there is none available. You can, however, still access the QuickFlirt dating site through your mobile phone. And you can use your phone to find flirting partners in AU.

The mobile version of the website is simple and user-friendly. It has five tabs representing notifications, search function, chatbox, profile setting, and Like Gallery.

Verdict of QuickFlirt.com

We conclude this review by telling you our thoughts about the website. This is definitely the website you should join if you want to quickly flirt with diverse people from various parts of the world. The easy browsing feature makes flirting indeed quickly. Try the premium features through their 3-day trial before you fully commit your investments into the platform.


Is QuickFlirt a Legitimate Dating Site?

Yes, QuickFlirt is a legitimate dating site.

Can I Use QuickFlirt for Free?

You can use the website for free, but you will have several limitations.

From 22.80 AUD p/month