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  • Members: 2,000,000+ users
  • Best for: HIV and STD-positive men and women looking for love and support
  • User base: Men and women who are HIV positive as well as those who have different STDs
  • Recommended age: 18-55 years of age
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What Are Positivesingles? Overview

Pros / Cons
  • Members can access other members with a similar disease as they have
  • There are numerous privacy settings to ensure that private information is not leaked to external parties
  • Such sugar daddy dating sites have the functionality to match you with potential singles and make recommendations
  • An admin does the verification process of the applications instead of the use of automation
  • Some of the best features are not available for free users
  • When matches are recommended on the homepage, there is no photo gallery
  • There are no video messaging functionalities as well as group chatting
  • With the mobile application, not all the features on the website are included
  • You cannot upload a video to the site

Membership Base

Positivesingles Australia receives more than 2.5 million daily conversations and 20,000 daily blog posts, and these are meant to support the members, help them find friends, potential spouses, and how to proceed with life. A substantial number of members on the site are interested in learning about medical information and hearing success stories from other members, making it the absolute best platform for them.

Most of the site members are from the USA, making around 1.5 million members and over 70% male.

The site users are active and proactive in various discussions, and in most cases, they talk about how STDS can’t reduce one’s value; they offer the friendship support needed. However, they don’t just address concerns about STD; they also talk about other topics such as music, and atheism.


Profiles positivesingles

Just like all the dating sites out there, the Positivesingles Australia registration process is very easy and simple. However, you need to update a bunch of necessary information to your profile which includes; first and last name, password, age, location, email, and height. Next, you need to give information about the STD you have, and there are several STDs from the selection, such as HIV, HSV-1, HSV-2, chlamydia, syphilis, Hepatitis B & C, or HPV.

If you have several STDs, you can select from the list or choose “other” if your STD does not appear on the list. The final step is usually setting up your profile’s headline, which prompts you to describe yourself using a few words, what you are looking for, and other details you may want to include there.

Search Features on Positivesingles

The free membership version has the basic search features, while premium members enjoy advanced searches. Therefore, the search is completely usable, and you can search for a user of groups from the various categories. Once all the matching profiles are displayed, you can then begin exchanging messages, emails, winks, and chat through the live chat. Since the application is just like a social media app, you need to keep track of the homepage, and this shows the activities on the site, uploaded pictures, and more from the other members.

The advanced search narrows down your search filters to features like body type, shape, physique, and others. You can also type in some keywords, and the site gives suggestions right away.


Positivesingles does not have the messaging feature on the free membership, even on trial. This means that you have to join the premium member to initiate a conversation. For free members, they can reply to messages which the premium members have sent. However, to grab a person’s attention, you can make a public comment on somebody’s profile.

Additionally, the site has an email section on the website where you can read all your emails instead of reading them from your email inbox.

Positivesingles Pricing Options

Like other paid dating sites, Positivesingles charges a specific amount per duration that members have to pay to get exposed to premium features such as chat initiation. The various options available on the dating site are:


Costs per month


1 month

29.95 USD

29.95 USD

3 months

19.98 USD

59.95 USD

6 months

15.99 USD

95.95 USD

Free Vs Premium Membership Packages

Free Features

  • Sending winks to other members
  • Reply to messages and emails
  • Asking for support from the live chat
  • Sending greetings and birthday cards to other members
  • Participation in forums and blogs
  • Reading all the posted information regarding STDs which include legal data, stories, and locations
  • Addition of pictures to your profile
  • Verification of your profile information from age income, occupation, and education

Premium Features

  • You gain full access to the mobile positivesingles dating website as well as the application
  • Having a conversation with a dating adviser from the site
  • You can look for verified members on the dating site
  • Creation of a private album
  • Sending direct messages and emails to the other users
  • Checking the status of emails
  • Use of the advanced search filters
  • You will get priority customer care and access

Looking at the benefits of the premium membership on Positivesingles, it is worth paying for a premium account because it will guarantee much more features and functionalities compared to the free membership.

Positive Singles Mobile App

The mobile application for Positivesingles is available and can be accessed through the respective app stores compatible with apple and android phones and tablets. However, users do not like to use mobile applications so much. The application uses a similar layout as that of the dating website in terms of user experience, design, and incorporated features. It also provides other features such as adding a pass lock to the application.


Looking at the positivesingles dating site, it is a good platform for those with STDs to meet, mingle and share their stories. However, there are some negativities to the dating site. First, I feel like the registration process may be a little overboard when it comes to the specification of the actual STD one has which is displayed on your profile. Some conditions are far much serious than others which can be cured with time and this may expose some individuals to stigma. This information can be revealed when chatting or improvise specific chat rooms for these singles. However, if you want to try it out, you can check various reviews and consider this in making your decision.


Is Positivesingles a legitimate website?

Yes. It has various users who are living with STDs and is fully functional.

Is Positivesingles free to use?

No. Some of the features and functionalities of the dating site have to be paid for which include certain features such as messaging and adding an album among others.

Is Positivesingles any good?

Yes. The positivesingles dating site has helped thousands of HIV-positive and people with STDs get the love they deserve and finding partners.

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From 39.91 AUD p/month