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  • Members: Site has connected over 30 million individuals worldwide
  • Best for: Japanese men and women looking for like-minded dates
  • User base: From 18 to 55
  • Recommended age: From 18 to 55
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Our take on JapanCupid dating site review shows that this may not be among the best international dating sites to find Japanese women though you can give it a try. However, to be successful, you have to be a platinum member that has the best features.

Once a member searches on your listing, you can rank above the members even without platinum membership. With platinum membership, you may also be highlighted on the searches.

What is Japancupid? Overview

JapanCupid can be among the best international dating sites. It comprises thousands of Japanese single women interested in finding their soulmates. They are all looking to find lovers online, like on most dating sites.

Like any other dating platform, this site may be legit though there are fraud cases making it hard to distinguish it apart. While conducting our analysis on this dating site, it took us a while to find a serious partner since most profiles were not functioning or the owners were not serious.

Some information shows that the site has connected over 30 million individuals worldwide to find love using its niche dating sites dependent on race, religion, lifestyle, appearance, and other special features. Most people trust this site, not knowing whether it’s true or just for justification with such a huge track record.

Though the dating site has a few success stories, most reviews show that the site is a scam and a money-laundering scheme to rip unknowing people off their finances. According to its management, JapanCupid is a dating site someone can find love or a date, serious partner, or friendship in a fun and secure environment. It took us premium membership which is far way expensive, and a lot of time to find someone to talk with on this site.

Pros / Cons
  • No unnecessary pop-ups, providing a pleasant experience when using
  • Available in many languages, with translation options available for Platinum members
  • It is accessible across different devices with a reliable support system
  • People with IOS cannot access this dating site
  • Some say that the Android App crashes occasionally
  • Not every profile belongs to Japanese individuals
  • Poor support from the site administrators

Membership Base

Active members: 4,300 daily users

Gender split: 12% men and 88% women

Location: It caters to Asians, specifically Japanese singles looking for love from the west.

Languages: Japanese and ability to speak English. Can translate to 15 other languages.

Relationship type on JapanCupid: Straight/ heterosexual

Looking for: Romantic dates, love, friendship, penpal.


JapaneseCupid dating site has an average profile. Judging from our analysis through a simple glimpse of the profile, you can notice that the profiles are not so pleasing and have scanty information, and the photos are not so clear.

Personal information consists of job status, body art, best qualities, and English and Japanese skills. The site is also said to translate information on members’ accounts, but we tried that without luck.

An in-depth review indicates that it is not easy for members to identify their desirable members based on their interests since there is a language barrier. Even if you hit the translate tab, it never translates.

Japanese Cupid dating site also has profile notes which can help you against the struggle of repeating messages to users you already interacted with. You can tag profiles with messages like “Love Pad Japan,” or “Says her exes are all crazy,” or anything that will remind you of who you were communicating with.

Search Features on Japancupid

JapanCupid Australia has the best features for dating. Though the interface is attractive, it is not as user-friendly to navigate as it is purported. We experienced difficulties searching for members’ profiles which never display on the portal page, but you have to press on the member’s icon before finding it.

However, once you locate profiles, the next step is to press the user’s photos to view personal information. Creating a profile on JapanCupid is rather easy, and you need to complete three steps to start contacting members;

  • Create a user profile on the JapanCupid website, add the latest attractive photos and describe how you’d want your ideal partner to be.
  • Look for a partner depending on location and other private preferences.
  • Show your prospective member you’re interested in them for communication to start.


Our analysis shows that you can communicate with a member you’re interested in very easily. You have to click on their profile, and a chat box will appear, enabling you to write them effortlessly. From our JapanCupid review, each profile has a message option of the individual you’d like to contact.

To start communicating on the platform, there’s a speech bubble on each profile. Once you click it, a chat box will emerge, where you can type your text and forward it to the member.

This dating site boasts that users can send up to 500 messages a day. However, as we tried to send a couple of messages, the site kept telling us to upgrade to premium to continue having a better conversation, with a message not sent notification. However, messages appear in the ‘Messages’ option on the app or the website.

Japancupid Pricing

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Gold Membership

1 Month

29.98 USD / Month

29.98 USD

Gold Membership

3 Months

20.00 USD / Month

59.99 USD

Gold Membership

12 Months

10 .00 USD / Month

119.98 USD

Platinum Membership

1 Month

34.99 USD / Month

34.99 USD

Platinum Membership

3 Months

23.33 USD / Month

69.98 USD

Platinum Membership

12 Months

12.50 USD / Month

149.99 USD

Free VS Premium

JapanCupid Australia only has premium plans with either Gold or Platinum membership. Here are the features of these options;

Gold Membership:

  • No advertisements
  • Communicating with every member
  • Sending interest
  • Live chat with instant messenger
  • Ability to hide your profile and browse in secret

Platinum Membership:

  • The rank above other members
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • Double profile space
  • The site enables you to translate messages into other languages

Japancupid App

The site has a mobile app as well as a website version. The app is as functional and effective as the website, and you can download it from Google Play Store. However, the app is not available for IOS users.


If you adore Japanese women, you can register on JapanCupid Australia, and you may be lucky to find your dream woman from your computer. Thousands of them are online though you have to play your part by being smart during your search. With enough time and dedication, you’ll surely find the one for you. Though the reliable and veteran Cupid Media runs the site, you shouldn’t be sure to find what you’re looking for.


Is Japancupid a legitimate website?

This is a popular question, and from our analysis,Japancupid seems like a legit dating site, and you may find a partner if you are serious.

Is Japancupid free to use?

You can only access basic features on JapanCupid with a free subscription. However, you may have to upgrade to use all the features to find what you’re looking for.

Is Japancupid any good?

JapaneseCupid is well provided you play your part by avoiding fake profiles, and you understand the language.

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From 39.73 AUD p/month