How to Get Over an Ex – 7 Steps

How to Get Over an Ex

Breaking up is not easy, especially when a relationship ends that you weren’t ready to say goodbye to. How to get over an ex? What are and the best ways to deal with a break-up? We’ll help you to deal with this pain.

Cry and Give Yourself Time to Grieve

Cry and Give Yourself Time to Grieve

They say there are five stages of grief and you will probably experience these over a few days or weeks after a relationship ends. Getting over an ex takes time and don’t expect miracles. Remember to experience these 5 stages and go through this healing process:

  • Denial – initial confusion and disbelief. Believing your ex will change their mind Anger – ranging from mild rage to crazy behaviour don’t let anger get the better of you 
  • Bargaining – promising you will change and the relationship will get better
  • Depression – the period of doldrums where you are stuck in a hole feeling overwhelmed
  • Acceptance – finally accepting the break-up with an ex and ready to start over with single life 

This is normal, and you will process grief in your own time. In the meantime, it’s OK to cry and let your emotions go. Have a good weep, let the tears flow, use a box of tissues, cry down the phone to a friend and get it all out.

Cut Contact with Your Ex

Cut Contact with Your Ex

Tempting as it is to want to check up by checking your social media accounts every 5 minutes, this won’t help you deal with the break-up. Cut contact, delete them, block them, and don’t ask friends to check their accounts. Delete their number, so you aren’t tempted to drunk dial them at 2 am after a few drinks. Have a break from social media yourself and work on you. Remember that you’re a strong woman, and you won’t be crawling on your knees after everything he did.

Make Plans

It’s likely you did everything together. Weekends away, nights out, nights in. Now you find yourself alone and wondering what to do. The key to how to get over an ex is to switch it up. Make plans, devise new goals, distract yourself, and have new things to get excited about. Start a hobby, plan a weekend away with the girls, take time out, stay with family or friends, and find things to look forward to. Change your routine and mindset. It actually works, even if you feel you don’t want anything without him.

Reconnect with Friends

During a relationship, our friendships take a back seat. How to get over your relationship starts with reconnecting with old friends, re-establishing relationships that haven’t been a priority. Explain, and they will understand offering support and solid advice. They will know what you need and distract you, keeping you on the right path to stop you from contacting your ex and moping. Enjoy weekends away, nights out, new interests, and exciting new times.


You could enjoy a Netflix marathon while eating ice-cream in your pyjamas or moping around in bed all day. This will make you sad, and it won’t do your physique any good. Get a killer body with exercise. Join the gym, take up running or cycling or get out for long walks. Exercise is excellent for mental health and a great distraction as well. It’s also going to give you a killer bod ready for the next lucky guy that snags you. Set a goal to run a 10k, cycle to somewhere specific or to lose weight, gain muscle.

Stay Single

Trying to make yourself feel better with a re-bound relationship, is not giving yourself appropriate time to get over an ex. It’s not fair on your new date who could get caught up in your emotional mess. No doubt you will regret dating so soon, constantly comparing them to your ex. Make the ex, jealous by being fabulous, not by dating a new guy. Single life will grow your confidence, self-esteem and self-regard, not a new relationship. Enjoy independence and self-fulfilment. Do the things you’ve wanted to do and enjoy being in control!

Write Your Feelings Down

Keeping a journal and expressing feelings each day or creating lists of pros and cons about your ex, allows you to express yourself. People have written blogs which are cathartic for as well as being a source of inspiration and comfort.

Many know the pain of a relationship and pain of a break-up. Using our experience is another step in a healing process. You can also draw comfort from helping other people to deal with their pain, so feel free to share the article and your own experience of healing the heart after a break-up.