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Care to Know Who Uses Hookupdaters?

Find real members on this dating platform for members from across the globe. Realness, in this case, refers to the authenticity of members, as everyone who joins this site has little time to waste. As the name suggests, it was incepted with a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am context in mind. It has since moved to become a popular site boasting users seeking short, and long-term unions with locals in proximity. It is also one of the few choices of free dating sites Australia over 50 residents can enjoy. This site also vets new profiles. Thus, it is rare if ever to encounter fake profiles.

Membership Base – Size, Facts, and Figures

Ten thousand registered members within the United States, with less than 2000 active weekly and a smaller amount of daily logins.

Relationships, Statuses, Desires Met on Hookupdaters

The majority of Hookupdaters members are horny singles looking for a one-nighter. There are several couples seeking couples and countless mature dating personals.

Geographic and Language Coverage – Limitations?

The site boasts most members from the United States, with a limited few from the international community. Thus, the site boasts English-speaking members.

How to Register at Hookupdaters – Getting Started

Upload a captivating but not lewd photo of yourself after your profile undergoes screening. Approval of new Hookupdaters profiles is done via email. Registration on this dating forum is over in an instant. All that is needed is basic information related to age, your gender, and one of the partners you seek. Additionally, you need to input location. Once admins receive this information, they will forward a confirmation that members can click and get re-directed to Hookupdaters. The entire process is over before you know it, and you can browse numerous Aussie personals at your convenience and plan some epic dating.

Nifty Functionality for User Safety

Members who aren’t part and parcel of Hookupdaters have no access to your profile, for starters. Additionally, every single profile undergoes reviews before appearing live. Hookupdaters facilitates dating on an SSL encrypted platform. This means for members that those naughty chats between you and total strangers will remain within the website. No leakage of personal data occurs. Also, as you upgrade to maximize communication and other website features, all pertinent financial data remains uncompromised. Do not fret over identity issues nor loss of credit card information. Another method of maintaining order on the website is to send an email to customer support.

Search Filters – Who, Where, and How?

Finding a match is easy on this dating website, as members have a handy search function available to them. A member can simply search for like-minded pals based on location or different characteristics. These features include body type, eye color, ethnicity, with or without video, and sexual orientation. These search filters come in handy when you happen to be out of town, perhaps even in the Australian outback. As you have a mobile device, log into the site’s mobile adaptive channel and search for users based on your specific parameters. You can also narrow down your search to include members who’ve been active lately.

Legit Members – Hookupdaters

Find real users on this bodacious site, with usability and safety in mind. The website plays host to members who are tired of engaging bogus ads on age-old classifieds. If safe dating and seamless connectivity are what you seek, join this platform today and find like-minded members nearby. All members are checked for realness before joining. Thus no scammers bypass the security checks. If you feel like you’ve met enough timewasters, fret not because Hookupdaters is where the buck stops. Hookup sites have a reputation for attracting losers and riff-raff, and if it happens on Hookupdaters, the admins offer resolutions via email.

Find out About Hookupdaters Dating Service

A cool casual dating site, if ever there was one, this forum has been around for a mere two years since 2019. That said, it seems to have attracted the right crowd and continues to grow yearly. The site is gaining popularity among youthful singles looking for nothing-too-serious. From the onset, features were aimed specifically at youngsters wishing to make contact sooner rather than later. Options to engage via video chatting or take it further using live chat were made available. These features are aimed at the younger, more tech-savvy crowd, and they have embraced it globally with open arms.

Hookupdaters Statistics

The recommended age on this trendy dating site is between 25 to 35. Member traffic includes many LGBTQs from within the United States, but it seems members from the same community have joined from abroad. The local Australian community is slowly picking itself up and embracing the website. This slow but sure approach is because the site is relatively new, with numbers in the USA falling slightly over ten thousand. The safety features on the website and measures have helped the numbers grow tremendously. Mature members frequent the site for casual dating, making it a viable choice for free dating sites in Australia over 50.

Free and Paid Features: What’s on Offer?

  • Like other Hookupdaters profiles, free users add members to a favorites list and receive 5 free daily chats.
  • Paid users: unlimited chatting, larger photos, ‘Looking for’ Info premium customer support.

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Members Queried – How to Start Chatting on Hookupdaters?

After successfully creating a profile, find time to explore the profiles available. Even on a budget, send five free daily chats. Get unlimited messaging on premium accounts and engage more.

Upon Joining, Which Hookupdaters Users Shall I Meet?

You get what you search for – input specific criteria and find precisely what you seek, but fret not because profiles are clean, meaning you will meet genuine members only.

Bottom Line – is Hookupdaters Scam or Legit?

This site is legally recognized as a dating service. It boasts real personals and has been facilitating safe dating since 2019.

Try for free today – Hookupdaters is your key to a safe hookup!


From $80 AUD p/month