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  • Members: 300,000 users
  • Best for: People, who are liberated, non-conforming members of society
  • User base: Wide spectrum of sexual orientations aside from lesbian and gays only
  • Recommended age: The majority of the members are between the ages of 25 to 34
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Who Uses Gaymatchmaker – in summary

This fabulous gay dating platform was created solely to enable gay men to find dating partners near them. However, with time, the site is an inclusive platform, playing host to LGBTQIA and a diversified clientele. People who use Gaymatchmaker are liberated, non-conforming members of society, and the site is built precisely for them. Here, you will find mostly casual dating enthusiasts, although some members seek serious relationships. The profiles undergo screening before appearing live. It means members are less likely to encounter fake profiles and more likely to find companionship according to preferences. This being one of the best gay dating sites Australian residents can join. Our review shows only genuine locals join the Gaymatchmaker dating platform.

Memberships Base – Size, Facts, and Figures

The site boasts 300,000 Aussie members, with a wide spectrum of sexual orientations aside from lesbian and gays only.

Relationships, Statuses, Desires Met on Gaymatchmaker

  • Gaymatchmaker members vary from single men, women to couples and groups.
  • A majority are seeking love and companionship from nearby like-minded peers.

Geographic and Language Coverage – Limitations?

This fancy site covers a few regions globally, including the United States. Either way, all members are from English-speaking countries.

Free and Paid Features: What’s on Offer?

  • Free users: free daily winks, replies to Gaymatchmaker messages, access to post stories.
  • Paid accounts: several private galleries, message filters, and prioritized customer support.

How to Register at Gaymatchmaker – Guide to Signing up

This is a matchmaking dating site, and on that note, there is a need to detail one’s profile upon registration. The gay community will be happy to know the site safeguards information during your entire time online. New members are allowed to register via their Facebook handles, and there is no mandatory Gaymatchmaker email verification.

Additionally, basic information like age, gender, and location are required on sign-up. Other details to follow include lifestyle choices, erotic fantasies and desires, and what you seek in a compatible partner. Incidentally, newbies can sign up as men, women, couples, or non-binary, whatever their orientation.

Gaymatchmaker sign up

Extra Functionality for User Safety

This modernized dating site works with vetted profiles and screened photos. No fake photos are allowed as profile pics, and cartoons and avatars lead to disapproval of new accounts. This protocol is one of the security measures undertaken on the website. Developers also incorporated TSL encryption on the website.

This end-to-end coding eliminates risk factors associated with chatting and financial transactions, keeping everything confined. There is no leakage of personal data from the site, and all personal information remains unaltered. The site allows members to email admins in case of safety concerns regarding shifty members. As you chat and flirt away, take note of ill-willed users and report them immediately.

Search Filters – Who, Where, and How?

Find people matching your preferences on this modern gay dating site for Aussies. Find like-minded members within your community using location searches for members nearby. Filter further to reach more streamlined members, checking for consistencies in what you like. You can find users based on body type, perhaps eye color, gender (tranny, male, female), or any binary combination. These search filters come particularly handy when seeking nearby casual dating. For instance, if you happen to be out of town, seek casual dating fans in your new locale in an entirely new zip code. You can use the mobile-adaptive Gaymatchmaker site for your convenience.

gaymatchmaking Search Filters

Legit Members – Who’s Who on Gaymatchmaker?

Keep in mind this site takes driving licenses and passport photos for validation and verifying identity. This approach is the initial step at providing sound, authentic personals to members. In light of this aspect, new members are attracted to this dating platform because it accounts for user safety. The Aussie community has less to worry about regarding the legitimacy of members on Gaymatchmaker. These users can focus on finding casual dating locals, which are plenty based on the attraction rate. New members join, avoiding shady locals in dingy bars and clubs. Thus, the people you encounter on this relationship website are all eagerly and genuinely seeking companionship.

A Little About Gaymatchmaker Dating Service

This fancy gay hookup and relationship channel have been around for years to date. It was initially a website solely for men seeking men. However, it has grown to become a fully incorporated LGBTIQ dating platform. The website was established in 2002 and has grown to become a leading site for locals in Australia and worldwide. The gay community in Australia enjoys fully captivating personals for gay men, women, and those in-between or non-binary. Incidentally, this site and its people are active in fighting for gay rights and movements, playing a substantial role politically in Australia.

Gaymatchmaker Stats

This new-age type dating platform experiences thousands of visits daily, from Australia and some peeking worldwide. It is a popular site among LGBTQs, especially for its advocacy of rights. Thus there are approximately 1500 daily logins. Additionally, most new members join from various ethnic communities, including Africans, Latinos, Asians, and Caucasians. More than 20,000 monthly visitor logins on this website prove the site is becoming profoundly more popular. The traffic on this site is a tad mind-blowing. Eighty-seven percent of users identify as males, less than ten percent non-binary, about four percent join as couples, and the rest are groups.

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What are the Accepted Payment Methods?

This site helps to facilitate dating all types of dating, and on all budgets, thus members can pay via credit card, check, or BPAY.


Tip on How to Start Chatting on Gaymatchmaker?

Find members using search filters or based on match suggestions. Message members using video and photo messaging, and take to private messaging if possible.

Users Asked; what type of Gaymatchmaker Users Shall I Meet?

Get what you seek as the site uses algorithms to connect you with matches. Only genuine members join this site, and with post validation, you shall only meet genuine users.

Is Gaymatchmaker Scam or Legit?

It is as legit as they come, offering safe personals since 2004 and facilitating lasting relationships too. It is operated by the same company responsible for Adult and Lesbian Matchmaker.

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From $65.52 AUD p/month