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  • Members: 1 million American Based members
  • Best for: People seeking long term commitments, including marriage
  • User base: A diversified pool of users, including LGBTQs
  • Recommended age: 25+
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Before joining any online dating site, most users are discouraged from using the said platforms because they have little insight regarding proper usage. Sites like Craigslist were infamous for several reasons, which is why online dating has been made safer on newer matchmaking sites. These websites, like Cupid, connect like-minded individuals for good, clean fun. Read on to find out if Cupid meets your standards as an avenue for matchmaking.

What Is Cupid?

Pros / Cons
  • Free members can utilize chatrooms and search for other members.
  • Search options are extensive – including the last time online, proximity, and matching level.
  • Precise profile overviews make for easy searching and browsing.
  • Interaction is diversified using options like winks and free-to-use chatrooms.
  • Matches are made with precision using filled out compatibility quizzes.
  • Random pop-ups promote upgrade options.
  • You cannot save your search options to use later.
  • The less tech-savvy may find it a tad overwhelming with icons galore on the site.

Membership Base

The site’s membership boasts users from the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world, including Cupid Australia. Globally, the site receives over 1.7 million visitors monthly, with approximately 1 million members registered in the United States.

Profiles – Creation, Details, and Visuals

cupid profile

Cupid profiles are as detailed as most users want them to be. Using the available fields, you can express your personality and preferences. Available options include your race, your religious denomination, education levels, career path, and lastly, your physical traits. As you peruse other profiles, the quality of photos and details is quite appealing. One cool feature is a slider on the bottom part of your profile. Use it to show how outgoing or shy/social you are. Raising the bar to show a higher percentage means you are very outgoing, while a lower number implies the opposite. Upon verifying your account, you get placed in the safe category. It is important as it either draws more people to you or deters them until you verify your account.

Search Features on

Search Members based on:

  • Age, gender, and their proximity to you.
  • Advanced searching, lets you filter sexual orientations or tastes.
  • Profile quality – choose those with photos only.
  • You can also choose between lifestyle choices, physical attributes, and relationships sought.
  • Online activity – select members who are available online, in real-time.
  • Specify what relationship you seek, is it friendships or long-lasting unions.
  • Advanced (Plus) search options cover time a user was last seen online, as well as who’s viewed your profile.

cupid advanced search Messaging Features

The site has some nifty messaging options, the most popular ones being winks. These can be sent to any user on the platform, and you can use them even as a free member. Some memberships don’t allow unlimited messaging, but winks make it easier to easily flirt with other Cupid members. The chatrooms are also available for free use. Capitalizing on it makes quicker responses and a faster way to meet new people on Cupid Australia.

There are also flash video chatting options for you to express yourself to others fully. The experiences on Cupid do not involve any BOTS, scammers, or Phishing scams. These were an infamous part of Craigslist; thus, users on this site have a refreshingly new experience. Although free users cannot avail of multiple messaging services, they experience flirty chatting in chatrooms with like-minded individuals. A majority of the users know what they seek, so finding a match is stress-free.

Cupid Pricing

Users enjoy free registration as well as free browsing of profiles on basic accounts. The following options are available for premium memberships.


Per month


1 month

27.99 AUD

27.99 AUD

3 months

24.00 AUD

71.99 AUD

6 months

15.99 AUD

95. 94 AUD

Free vs Premium

Free services

Free users can search other members, take a matchmaking quiz, create a profile, and even utilize chatrooms. Alternatively, paying members get to send messages to other users. They can view all photos on a profile they wish and get notified regarding who’s viewed and/or liked their profile. A premium account offers value for money for anyone seeking full engagement with other users, as you get to capitalize on all features of the platform.

Cupid App

For on-the-go users, there is a handy application available. This app captures the same features found on the website, using the mobile phone’s location settings to match you with members nearby. The theme is the same on the site and the application, and it’s only available for iOS platforms.

Verdict on Cupid Dating Site

Cupid is a nifty platform for users of all ages, sexual orientation, and even religious denomination. Whether on free accounts or premium members, all users experience a safe and legitimate online dating experience.


Is a Legitimate Website?

This popular dating site has been relevant since its inception in 2002. It is a legit online dating site, affiliated with EasyDateNetwork and having met all legal mandates to operate as one.

Is Free to Use?

The answer is an unequivocal – yes! The site is entirely free for users to browse personals and flirt with other members. However, to capitalize on messaging and search options, an upgrade is required.

Is OkCupid Any Good?

Experience from using this site shows it offers precisely what it claims to be; a matchmaking site for men and women alike.
So what are you waiting for? Try for free and find a match made online instantly.

From $27 AUD p/month