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  • Members: 100,000+ users
  • Best for: Men and women are looking for serious relationships and marriage
  • User base: Male and female individuals of all ages from multiple locations
  • Recommended age: 25-44
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What is Chatbazaar? Overview

Pros / Cons
  • It is ideal for serious individuals about relationships and makes it ideal for singles looking for marriage
  • The app offers free registration
  • Numerous features
  • Best sex chat rooms
  • Ability to match singles
  • The dating site/app is free of charge, meaning that you don’t need to pay
  • The male members are more than women
  • There is a presence of few fake profiles on the dating site

Membership Base

Chat bazaar enjoys numerous users monthly from all around the world, usually more than 50,000 users. This way, you are sure that you are likely to find new members, online users and have a wide selection of singles. Additionally, from the statistics, most of the users are from Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. If you are a female user, it is ideal since men are more than women on the site, and it is ideal for people aged between 25 to 34 years of age. This is the age gap made up of individuals looking to settle down, start families, and have companionship, making it easier for singles looking for mates from the site.


Registering as a new member can take a maximum of five minutes, meaning that it is not a long process. First, you will need to update your details relating to username, email address, set a password, indicate gender, date of birth, country, and you will be ready to create a new profile. Upon creating the profile, you need to verify your email address to ensure that it’s not a fake profile. However, if you only want to use the chat room, you don’t need to undergo this registration process. This means that you can log in as a guest, but you will be limited to certain features such as bookmarking profiles, sending private messages, and viewing user profiles.

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Search Features on Chatbazaar

Searching on Chatbazaar Australia is very simple, and the function is very basic. Due to this reason, we doubt if you can be able to make a good search for the person you are looking for. Compared to other sites that offer several options such as local search, physical feature search, and other searches, this site does not provide any features. However, even without this, you can come across many profiles you are compatible with according to gender, age, and location.


The main form of messaging on Chatbazaar is through chat rooms, and you can use them even if you don’t have an active account. Under the menu bar, you can find the chat room function, which has a collection of chat rooms that the Chatbazaar team has constructed. These are based on the subjects to talk about or the themes the users need to follow. On the top right side, you can view the number of users active in the chat room you join. Since there is a mobile-based application, you can also chat and send messages on the go and from any given location. Users are advised not to share any personal details, such as banking details and other important aspects. Chatbazaar won’t be liable for any compromised information or anything that happens to your information with this warning.

Chatbazaar Pricing

Pricing is one of the best aspects of Chatbazaar Australia because using the platform is free of charge. This means that there are no additional services or features that you have to pay for.

Free Vs. Premium Membership Features

Chatbazaar is categorized as a chat platform and a dating platform that allows serious individuals to find other singles. Therefore, since using the platform is free, there are some of the features which you should expect from the site, which are;

  • Free registration for an account or anonymously joining chat rooms to have fun and find singles.
  • Chatbazaar Australia has several recommendations when you have an account. Therefore, on the dashboard, there are recommendations of users you may match based on their username, picture, and the proximity of the users.
  • You can add more friends by clicking on the “request friendship” link found on everyone’s profile. This notifies the other person, and he/she can accept your connection.
  • Sending private messages is free and easy.

What to Expect On Chatbazaar App

Chatbazaar has features engraved in the online website and the mobile version of the website meant for iOS and Android users. According to user feedback, the mobile web version is ideal for individuals who do not own computers, traveling, and highly convenient. Due to the simplicity of the chat room and the fact that all features are free, some of the design features could use some improvements to improve the users’ experience. Since an optimized mobile application is not yet available in specific stores, this is one issue that the dating site needs to work on to improve the user experience.


Chatbazaar claims to have everything together for singles looking for relationships and long-term dating. Even though we agree with the dating site, several features need revision and optimization. First, there are not many members on the site, making it not ideal for quick matches. Additionally, the online users may not reply to you instantly, which is another failure of the dating site. Many of the members are female compared to men, and this also means that it may be hard for female users to find their perfect matches due to the platform’s scarcity. However, you can check out more user reviews and other online dating options.


Chatbazaar a legitimate website?

Yes. Chatbazaar is a legitimate dating site that has been operational for some time. The site is made up of singles that are looking for deeper commitments and serious relationships.

Is Chatbazaar free to use?

This is one of the few dating sites which is completely free to use. This means that all the features are available to you from chat rooms, registration, and access to other people’s profiles and messages. You can upload numerous pictures, chat with several singles and find many singles.

Is Chatbazaar any good?

From the rating on user experience, it is an average dating site that provides average user experiences. Therefore some individuals have found their long-term partners on the site even though they do not provide the best features.