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  • User base: Majority of members are aged between 18 to 34
  • Best for: for people, who want to find and match with other singles on the site
  • Recommended age: 18 to 34
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What is Chat Avenue?

Chat Avenue is a dating site offering a range of online dating options – including chat rooms in Australia. The site is over 20 years old and is considered one of the “oldest chat rooms on the web” with chatrooms as the primary function to find and match with other singles on the site. The site is offered in many different countries worldwide, but is a lot more popular in English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and – of course – Australia. The site offers 19 different chat rooms, each tailored towards a different audience – such as lesbian and gay chat, girl chat, general chat, college chat, adult chat, and other options.

Pros / Cons
  • Chatrooms are active almost all the time
  • Users can send private messages as well as in the chatroom
  • Only require a username to join the chatrooms
  • Privacy is protected on the site
  • Chatrooms based on preference and needs
  • Lack of special features
  • Unlikely to lead to serious dating
  • High competition as many people are in the chats
  • Chatrooms can have lots of adult content
  • Chatrooms have ads

Membership Base

Like most dating sites, there is a huge difference in the number of men and women on the site, with only 30% of the site’s users identifying as female. That said, the site is one of the oldest, and due to that, it receives over 5000 new visitors per month from all over the world. Anyone can join the site over the age of 18, and the majority of members are aged between 18 and 34. The site is most popular in the USA, the Netherlands, and Poland – but there are over 80,000 members in Australia, and 20,000 of those users are active weekly.


Our analysis found there to be many fake profiles on the site. Due to the sites’ commitment to protecting users’ identities within chatrooms, you do not know the age or even gender of the other people in the chat rooms unless they choose to share it, or you click on their profile – but chat rooms users don’t need a profile to join the chat. Profiles on the site are extremely limited and only offer a username (that doesn’t need to be an actual name), an image, and the gender and age of a user. Users can also fill in an about me page, but it isn’t necessary to do so, and you can see the online or offline status of another member from their profile.

Search Features on Chat

There are no search options available on Chat Avenue Australia – instead, you meet people within chatrooms and choose whether or not to become “friends” with them. You will need to be friends with another member to message them from outside a chatroom – and you will need an account and a profile to add friends. Once you have made friends, you can see the list from your profile and see who is online and who isn’t.


The main function of the site is the chat features. Unlike other dating sites that focus on photos, personality matching algorithms, or even location – Chat Avenue allows members to meet and communicate in communal chatrooms and decide where to go from there if they connect with other users. Anyone can join a chat room – even without an account or profile – however,, to speak with other members in private, you will need to request their friendship to send a message (and they’ll need to accept your friendship request). There are a range of different chatrooms to choose from, and you can join an unlimited number of chats at any one time.

Chat Avenue Pricing

This dating site is one of the few dating sites that is completely free to use – and doesn’t offer a premium option. All members on Chat Avenue have the same privileges – however, due to the free memberships, the site has a lot of ads both within chatrooms and private chats and on the site itself. Every single function on the site is 100% free, and there are no plans to charge members or change the pricing plan in the future.

Site Features

As a completely free to use the site, users might expect the site to be limited, but our review found Chat Avenue Australia to offer a wide range of features, including:

  • Entering chatrooms without an account or profile
  • Joining unlimited chat rooms
  • Adding friends
  • Sending private messages
  • Sending whispers
  • Changing photos and avatars
  • Creating an account

Chat Avenue App

A Chat Avenue app hasn’t been created, and according to the sites FAQ pages that we explored during our Chat Avenue Australia review, there is unlikely ever to be an app produced. The software used for the chat rooms on Chat-Avenue isn’t supported, however, there are unique mobile versions of the site that can be accessed through your internet browser across iOS and Android devices however as we found in our analysis, and according to the company themselves the site and chat room experience is much better enjoyed on a desktop computer – making it somewhat outdated when so many of us use phones and tablets for everything.


Whilst Chat Avenue is one of the world’s oldest dating sites and online chatrooms; the site has become outdated, is difficult to use on the go, and doesn’t offer an app, unlike many of its competitors. The site only has 80,000 members in Australia, making it one of the country’s smallest dating sites – and as a dating site, the chat room focus is one of the slowest ways to make meaningful connections online. While creating our analysis of the site we found a huge number of suspect profiles. A lot of the content in some of the chatrooms is “adult,” with some content being uncomfortable and “suspect” – all in all it’s not a great site for making connections – whether you’re looking for a fling or something more.


Is Chat Avenue a legitimate website?

Yes, it is one of the oldest chat rooms on the internet, although it’s not the easiest place to make connections, members only need a username to join and start chatting.

Is Chat Avenue free to use?

Chat Avenue is 100% free to use for all members at all times – with no plans to change.

Is Chat Avenue any good?

Chat Avenue – in our opinion – is a great place to chat and speak with like-minded strangers, but there are much better places to find love and lust online.