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  • Members: 720,000+ users
  • Best for: Men and women are looking for casual relationships and one-night stands
  • User base: Women and men from 25 to 45 years of age
  • Recommended age: 25-30
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What Is Blendr? Overview

Pros / Cons
  • The dating app emphasizes finding singles within your proximate location
  • It is a good application for singles looking for casual and serious dating experiences
  • Free services and features have several benefits
  • The verification process is perfect for the deletion and rejection of fake profiles
  • The dating site has not been popular in many countries
  • Profile viewing and information are limited to the basics
  • The site has no formal matching algorithm except for the proximate location

Membership Base

Blendr dating site has more than 720,000 members from Australia, and more than 100,000 members visit the dating app every week. The casual dating site has a higher percentage of men, 60% compared to 40%, and most of the membership base is made up of young adults who want to explore, engage in one-night stands, and find casual relationships. Most of the users are from western countries, specifically from the United States and the United Kingdom. With the wide number of users on the site, you likely find multiple users online and get what you are looking for instantly.


blendr profile

Creating a profile on Blendr Australia is a very easy and straightforward process. You can sign up using your Facebook account or use your email details. Upon sign up with your Facebook account, Blendr collects all the needed details from your Facebook profile. However, you have to fill up details about your location, name, and email and set a password on signing up using your email. Later, you need to verify your email address and upload a verification picture. This is one of the processes used to cut off fake profiles.

Display of other people’s profiles includes personal details and the profile picture; upon reading the profile and checking the picture, you can send a message to request more details, videos, and pictures of your preferred match. The profile is displayed as follows;

Search Features on Blendr

Blendr Australia allows you to search for like-minded individuals and singles within your proximate location. Even before the search, you can view profiles based on their locations displayed on the personal profiles. You can do a basic search or an advance search with a little more details than a basic search when it comes to search options. You get to set the gender you are looking for, the age limit, the location you prefer, zip code, and the state. The site will give you numerous suggestions of potential mates.


There are two major ways you can find matches on Blendr, and this is playing the counters game and searching for nearby individuals. Other members can view your profile details and pictures, and you can send messages to other people on the site for free. However, you can only send a single message to the free membership and wait for your reply before sending the next. If you think that a person may have missed your message or not seen it at all, premium members can send a gift to grab the other persona’s attention. Another way of showing interest and getting singles to send a message is by liking their profile pictures. Once you chat with multiple individuals, all the messages are displayed under one tab, and you can view the online individuals.

Blendr Pricing

Blendr has both the free and the premium versions of the application. The premium membership comes with more features and functionalities but with the following pricing;




1 Week

3.99 USD/ Week

3.99 USD

1 Month

12.99 USD/Month

12.99 USD

3 Months

10.33 USD/ Month

30.99 USD

Free Vs. Premium

Blendr has a wide variety of free service which allow users to access several features. However, the premium membership allows you to get more functionalities and features of the application. Some free services include creating profiles through signing up, March search, viewing other individuals’ profiles, and messaging services. On the other handle, the premium members enjoy adding users the favorites and seeing who added you to favorites, viewing other profiles anonymously, and chatting with new members directly.

From the dating site features, it is not worth paying for the premium membership because you get the most basic features in the free membership, such as sending messages and finding matches. The premium membership only allows you to add favorites and view profiles anonymously, which is not worth paying for.

Blendr App

Blendr has a mobile version of the application, allowing users to chat and find other singles whenever they are. The application has a good design, is easy to use, has similar features to the desktop and web version of the site, is compatible with both android and apple, and you can download it at no additional costs. The application is significant to users since it allows you to have easy and quick access to the interface, helps you communicate even if you are at work or traveling, and most members prefer using the mobile application.


Blendr, just like other casual dating applications, is an application you can use to find matches. However, with several cons compared to the other sites, it is not that good of a choice, especially for the new dating scene members. One of the issues that the application users do not like is that you can only send one message and wait for a reply before chatting. Even though this service is entirely free, other apps can offer better services and allow you to send winks, flirtcasts, and multiple messages. You may take a long process before finding a person for casual dating.


Is Blendr a legitimate website?

Yes. The dating site has been used for several years now and helps like-minded individuals to find casual hookups and one-night stands. However, even though it also offers serious people a platform to look for mates, it leans more on casual hookups.

Is Blendr free to use?

The creation of an account at Blendr is completely free. This also applies to using the mobile-based platform, which is available for android and iOS users. However, not all the services are free, as you need to join a premium membership to access some of the functionalities and features.

Is Blendr any good?

Yes. Blendr has several positive reviews that depict how users have gained satisfaction using the application and the web-based dating site. However, the application can only search and match you according to your proximate location and not by any other criteria. Therefore, the application is good for looking for one-night stands and casual hookups that do not last long.


From 5.25 AUD p/day