Best International Dating Sites in Australia

When hunting for the best sites, sometimes local forums may not offer as much in terms of variety. Certain forums cater only to specific geographical locations. Thus, the international community is left out. However, a few forums are catering to all and sundry. These platforms offer personals linked to the global community and a larger base in their hometown or headquarters. For instance, a site might be located in Asia or Africa, but while offering local personals for perusal by those in proximity and the international community. The best international dating websites offer different hookup opportunities, locally and on a global scale. Visit a few far-reaching sites under review below, and make a long-term, love connection with an exotic or local member today.

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  • Together2Night dating site has a simple and streamlined design
  • Straightforward and user-friendly navigation and functionality
  • Great online tips covering dating safety for members, covering a variety of subjects
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  • Search options are extensive – including the last time online, proximity, and matching level.
  • Precise profile overviews make for easy searching and browsing.
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  • Tinder has a swipe feature that is simple to use.
  • Tinder is open for the LGBTQ+ community.
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  • Verification icon
  • More than 4.5 million registered users
  • Free users can chat with premium members


As legit as they come, this site is operated under the umbrella of Cupid LLC. It is a fantastic site for the Latino and Latina communities while providing a chance for international members to join too. If you are in Australia, this site offers you an opportunity to flirt and chat with exotic males and females who may be located in your hood. Aside from being focused on the Latin community, it boasts 96,000 new monthly members, who are a combination of local and global users.

One of the best worldwide dating sites in Australia, this platform prioritizes safety. The personals undergo screening before appearing live, and verification is done through documentation, not simply email. It is a force to be reckoned with in terms of the safety of members. Even with Facebook registration allowed, there is no provision for quick email verification. It means bypassing the security measures upon sign up is not easy, and fake profiles are non-existent.


Another product of Cupid LLC is a site catering to the Thai dating needs of women and men all over the world. In terms of worldwide hookup platforms, it claims to be number one in offering Thai personals and connecting users seeking Thai ladies globally. As it offers these personals worldwide, the user base is magnanimous for all to peruse, with over 1.5 million subscribed. This number relates to Thai natives and the international community.

Not surprisingly, the popularity of Thai women globally has led to an 85 percent male user base on ThaiCupid. In terms of visitors, this cosmopolitan hookup site receives guests from Thailand, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is one of the best cosmopolitan websites in terms of variety. It boasts three thousand members logging in daily, and thus it is a must-try for all who seek a match within the cosmopolitan community.


It is one of the most respected and popular international dating sites, which is affiliated with Cupid LLC. It is a niche site, catering specifically to the Asian community and those of different creeds who love them. The site boasts over 2.5 million subscribers and focuses on providing decent personals for locals in Asian countries. It has been operational for over fifteen years; thus, its legitimacy is grounded. Most visitors hail from Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

When it comes to security, global dating forums play a significant role in prioritizing safety, and providing the best, screened personals. On AsianCupid, there is a provision to register via Facebook, with tight verification rules for receiving a certified badge. Showing you are interested in a member is free, and the site is a dedicated matchmaking service. It uses preference lists to connect like-minded members for international hookup fun. AsianCupid also lets members respond to messages for free, and there is a downloadable app available for Android users only.


18 ratings
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  • Live sex models
  • Easy to use dating site
  • Great team support

This live cam platform is one of Australia’s savviest, naughtiest, and most fun international dating platforms. Of all the international sites available, it boasts the largest number of registered members, falls it at approximately 136,000,000 worldwide. An outstanding number for any relationship platform, and in this case, the features justify the numbers. The site allows members to view videos freely for up to ten minutes. With over 6,000,000 members active weekly, that is a ton of videos available for viewing.

Lastly, this fantastic all-embracing dating site plays host to members from dozens of countries, a list that cannot be exhausted in this review. These countries include Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Netherlands, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Algeria, and Canada. The ratio, not surprisingly, leans toward more men, at a seventy percent user base. It is not uncommon for males to seek global love connections, and if you are a male yourself, get to matching.

How Does International Dating Work – All Details

  • On one of these fancy websites, to engage in international dating, create a decent profile with location settings adhered to. Here, most platforms use preference lists and geographical locations to connect you efficiently.
  • Once your profile is up and running, you should receive local matches, but using filters might work better in terms of finding far-reaching love. Use search functions to locate members in far-off nations, matching what you desire. Of grave importance, however, are your chats.
  • Ensure your chats cover everything dating-related, and no personal information is shared. Be sure your partner knows your exact location, which in turn gives insight into your culture. All this can be shared via video and photo messaging too.
  • For instance, if you happen to be on LiveJazmin, use live chat and videos to showcase where you live, traditions, and everything pertinent to your culture. It makes for sound dating, and you might find love connections sooner than expected.

The Best International Dating Sites in Australia – How to Choose

Find all-embracing sites offering precisely what you seek. Some sites purport to be far-reaching yet offer fake profiles, much like Craigslist and Backpages from the past. Equally important is a long-distance relationship platform that boasts members from your area. It is a tad ironic, considering you seek to date the global community.

Having singles within your area means the site facilitates local dates, and members do not have to bypass IP addresses to get registered. The coolest hookup sites should have mandatory profile screening. When joining dating platforms, the fear of engaging in fake profiles is always present.

In the case of global dating, members need reassurance regarding the genuineness of members they engage. Locals are urged to join far-reaching dating sites like the ones on, guaranteeing genuine, vetted personals.

Handy Tips to Successful International Dating

  • While communicating with members in the multinational scene, remember dating sites boast some real creeps and scammers. Never let off personal AU addresses or credit card information to online strangers. Additionally, global dating platforms provide free personals, so why spend money for upgrades to individuals!!?
  • Once you find a match on an all-embracing dating site, safety should be of the highest priority. If you do meet locally, make plans to meet as a group on the first date. Bring along a family member or platonic friend, not exes. They will work in your favor if there is a problem.
  • Members from the global community may not be aware of different cultural expectations, including varying hookup cultures. Take it easy with Asian and Thai dating in particular, where culture, traditions, and norms play a huge role in determining the success of your international dating.
  • Dating for international singles involves researching cultures before that first date. Asian traditions and norms can be intricate, so make use of the worldwide web and live chats for visual validation.

The Rise of International Dating Sites and Apps

These apps bring together like-minded members worldwide faster than any email ever did. Also, you will be hard-pressed to find real friends using social media handles based internationally. These apps primarily shorten the matchmaking process, providing millions of personals for members to peruse.

The increase in far-reaching dating sites is also linked to resources. It is much more expensive to connect with multiple people globally, on an individual basis. However, most of these sites are free, so go figure. You engage millions of worldwide members without paying a dime. You can’t beat that anywhere else, except on multinational hookup pages.

Is It Expensive to Get Acquainted on International Dating Sites

Dating for international singles is remarkably cheaper with web pages like the ones listed in this review. You can meet, flirt and plan first dates with the international community while on a penny-pinching budget. It is relatively inexpensive to chat, as most sites offer free messaging, and sending videos and photos is a freebie. All you need is an internet connection, and for many in AU, that can be found freely too. Join international dating sites with free-to-use options, where personals and video uploads are accessible with free registration.

Looking for Love Internationally?

Find international love nations easily on the sites under our DatingReviews above. All these platforms boast vetted profiles, particularly important when engaging the global community from Australia. It is safer and profoundly more efficient to use worldwide platforms than regular sites or mutual connections. Happy hunting on these new-age global dating forums; a far-off love connection awaits you.